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Favorite Online Second Hand Shops?

Hey friends! Happy New Year!
We made it to another year and I am PUMPED.

I started off this new year a little differently this time around. I cleaned. Yep, you read that correctly. I cleaned my way into the new year. No, I wasn’t cleaning at midnight. But I did make sure that the day before and even the day after (new years day when I eventually woke up) that I started off the year with a clean, clutter free space.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to collect a lot of clutter throughout the year. And Christmas along with my birthday doesn’t help. My room gets packed with new clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, socks, scarves, jackets, and everything else. Now. I’m grateful of course, but it does prompt me to clean out the old stuff before fully adding in the new.

I was going to record my process of decluttering and put it up on the vlog, BUT it didn’t work out. Regardless I’m really happy about it and very proud of myself as it was a HUGE task that took a total of 10 hours….and I’m actually not done. I still have a little bit to do but I primarily focused on decluttering my closet and getting rid of all clothing that I no longer wear. Those clothes that I no longer wear that just get in the way every morning while looking for something that I’ll actually wear, yep, finally got rid of them. Heels that I swore I’d wear for the right occasion, bagged. Those jeans that I’d be able to fit back into probably if I gave up cheese, gone. I filled an extra large trash back and sent them off to the second hand store.

I have another bag tho. A much smaller bag not as filled to the brim of clothes that I still enjoy looking at but just don’t wear for various reasons. This bag is a bag that I’m going to attempt to sell on an online store. Have you heard of Poshmark? I used to have a store with them a while back, I didn’t make too much money, mainly because I don’t wear high-end clothes and most people on that store seem to be hunting high end items. I was thinking of opening my store back up but I thought I would check in with you guys and see if you know of any other online stores where I can be a little more eco friendly and recycle my clothes and still make a little profit. If you have any suggestions or experiences I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.
I’m also going to be asking my followers on instagram for their input too, so if you haven’t already, head over there and find me @Nicole__Eva (that’s two underscores because SOMEONE went ahead and stole my name) and keep an eye out.

Decluttering my room felt amazing. It was like a nice little cleanse to start off the new year. I’m going to do it again in the spring to make sure I stay on top of the junk. I appear to be a giant collector of paper items and clothes. I’m actually going to try to stop that (not very eco friendly). I’ve actually been looking into minimalism for about a year and a half now and would like to start taking steps to begin doing more by owning less. But, that’s a big shift and I am beginning right here with decluttering and making a big effort to not build the clutter back up.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to share your favorite online second hand shops!! See ya later!

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  1. Yes, I have heard of Poshmark…Lemme know ifyo learn of any other online stores that are similar since I have a whole bunch of stuff I’d like to sell.


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