Holidays (and any gifting occasion) on a Budget

It’s that crazy time of year! There are exactly 3 days until the big day. (WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!?) Are you ready? Is anyone ever really “ready”? I suppose there are some people out there who take the holidays by the horns and conquer it months in advance, but I am not one of them. I still have quite a bit to do before I am “ready.”  

One of the major things I still have left to do is shop (all my fellow procrastinators raise your hands with pride). I have done a little bit of shopping. Picked up an item for one friend here, and item for my brother there, but I still feel like there’s a lot left to buy. It’s the buying part that I find to be the most stressful, mainly because I’m on a budget (adulting). Due to my goals, my budget doesn’t have much wiggle room for extra purchases outside of Starbucks. So. How do we attack this? How do we do this Christmas thing on the budget of someone who really doesn’t feel like jeopardizing their financial goals simply because she doesn’t want to feel cheap. Well, with the help of the internet and some past experiences I’ve got a few little Christmas gifting hacks that still say “Hey, I thought of you” without the acid reflux that comes with looking at your bank account on december 26th (too much?…lol sorry). 

Christmas-ing on a Budget

  1. Gift-in-a-mug : This one has got to be my all time favorite. Find a cute little mug. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you can find cute ones for usually under $5, and fill them up with something. I’ve done this and filled my mug up with candy, or mixed it up and put a pair of fuzzy socks in with a chap stick and a nail polish. The best part? This is a gift they’ll actually use! (Feel fere to switch out the mug for a tumblr, or even a reusable coffee cup, they all work just as well!)
  2. Stuffed Socks : Another great one! Similar to the mug gift. Buy a pair of socks (cute socks please! The fuzzier the better) and fill them with things! Candy, chocolates, two dollar facemasks, a Bath Bomb or nail polish! Voila! Another super cute yet useful gift!
  3. Gift Baggies : Same theme different item! Buy a pack of those clear goodie bags that you would get at a birthday party and fill them up ($5 maybe?). Wrap them with cute christmas thread, hole punch a square of paper and use the paper as a label! 
  4. Use a Talent! : Are you a doodler? Write out personalized cards and make a clever sketch of/for your friend. Personalized gifts like those sometimes mean way more than buying stuff simply to buy it. If you’re a painter, add a little color to their lives by painting a little something for them. A caligrapher (…is that the propper term?) calligraph away (idk…)! You get the point, it’ll be special because you created it and your friend (because they ARE your friends right?) loves you!
  5. DIY Ornaments : For my particularly crafty friends, head on over to your local craft store (or store selling christmas supplies) and gather up a few clear ornaments! Grab some colored sand (not too much) or even filler paper (the kind you place in gifts) and create something cute!  Add some paint (or nail polish) to create an abstract design and give it a splash of color. Customize them if you want by adding their names to the ornament either by painting (if you’ve been blessed with steady hands) or buy those letter stickers and add their names that way! 

There are plenty of inexpensive ways to say “Hey! I thought of you” to your friends this holiday season! I only mentioned a few. I know people who make soaps and body scrubs and even who make their own chapsticks from essential oils and that’s how they say “you’re special to me” during the holidays! I personally think those little items are so much cooler than the store bought stuff.

My go to for emergency holiday gift ideas (and honestly, any kind of gift ideas) is Pinterest. Pinterest is a GREAT source for thoughtful, inexpensive, quality, love filled holiday gift ideas, so if you are still a little stressed about what to do head on over there and I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like!

I hope that helps you out a little and hopefully with those tips you can spend the next few days a little less stressed. Do you have any go to holiday gift hacks? If you do share them below so we can all benefit from your creativity! Remember, it’s the holidays! Take some time to take care of yourself, reduce your stress and enjoy your friends and family! Merry Christmas!