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Fall Skin Care Tips & Tricks

Autumn. The time of the year when leaves turn red and gold and the air gets just a little (or a lot bit) colder. You’ve officially turned in your flip-flops and sun screen and have traded them for chap-stick, suede ankle boots and long socks.

As much as I totally adore this time of the year, my skin does not. This for me is the season of dry rough skin.

This time last year I had just come back from a trip with my family to Barbados. My family is originally from there and we were celebrating my grandmother’s 80th birthday. The sun was hot, the breeze was warm and beachside was where I ate, napped and read. And my skin? My skin was thriving.

I returned home and my warm sunny days were instantly replaced with grey days and wind gusts that made a 60 degree day feel like 40. I adjusted (eventually), but my skin did not. I looked dehydrated, my skin was ashy and flakey and my T-zone…a mess. I decided I was not going to have another year where I was embarrassed of the way my skin behaved in the cold weather.

I did some research, was met with a lot of opinions about a lot of strategies and products, then decided to make some educated changes and purchases. It’s a year later and I’m happy to say that my skin has done wonderfully this season. Because I’ve had a year of trouble-free skin, I’d like to share some of my favorite solutions with you!

Current Skin Type : Combination Oily & pretty darn sensitive
(current because we alllllll know our skin type changes over time)

Dickson’s Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is very new to me. I actually picked this one up by chance. I was at my local CVS looking for a toner for my face and picked this up. I was looking for another clear bottle with a yellow table and ended up with Dickson’s Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner.

Once I brought it home and realized my “mistake” I began to do some research. I realized that I had actually picked up a skin super product. I use Witch Hazel once a day in the cold months and twice a day in the summer (because sweat…). It does a brilliant job at making my face feel fresh and clean. I also love to use it after taking my makeup off. It’s kind of my way of apologizing to my pores for shoving them full of product all day. My breakouts have significantly reduced, granted, I’ve never had acne prone skin (thank you genetics), and my skin is a lot less oily in the summertime. I’ve actually never been so excited about a skin care product before in my life, but this one is good.

Other perks: It’s available everywhere. It has no smell. It lasts a while if you use it sparingly (I can make mine last me almost 4 months (longer in the winter) and I bought it for under 5 dollars.

Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask w/Tamarind Extract and Tea Tree Oil

I. Love. This. Product. African black soap can be a bit drying so I don’t use it too often, once or twice a month at most.

I use this product when my face its acting up. It almost acts as a reset button for my skin. If the skin between my eyebrows get flakey, I’ll use it. If I see a few PMS pimples start to show up, I’ll use it. If I went to an event that required me to wear makeup for more than 6 hours of the day, I’ll use it. It makes my skin feel soft and smooth and I love the earthy smell of it (literally smells like clay).

Shea Moisture’s Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Overnight Face Oil

During my research I found out that there are a lot of opinions on whether or not coconut oil belongs on your face. For my face it does good things, for your face it might not. But, THIS PRODUCT is a beaut. A couple of small drops (small because you just cleaned your pores and you don’t want to clog them up again) rubbed in my hands and applied to a clean face each night or every other night (depending on your need) has been a lifesaver. I wake up and my face glows (well as glowy as a morning face can get). I used to get really painfully dry skin in the crease between my outer nostril and my face. Like it would hurt to touch and burn if I put lotion over it. Since i’ve started using this every couple of nights that problem has disappeared. For me this product is a winner.


Those are my very few but tried and true products that I use. I don’t only rely on products tho, you’ve got to love on your skin outside of purchasing things to put on it. Here are some other pretty common sense but nonetheless important skin loving tips that I stick to:


Make Up Free Days Are Important Days

I am a fan of makeup. I like the way a done up face makes me feel for the right occasion. But outside of special events and random face-beat days, I really don’t wear it much. That has helped my skin a ton. When your skin can’t breathe, how is it supposed to thrive? Besides. You’re beautiful girl. Show off your natural glow every once in a while. I also make sure that I NEVER fall asleep with make up on my face and I cringe when people talk to me and mention that their wearing yesterdays makeup today (that actually gives me nightmares). Be nice to your pores. And when you remove your makeup, don’t just use a makeup wipe and leave. Use a makeup wipe and wash your face. Clean your pores. Your face will thank you by behaving the way it should. Speaking of washing your face, you should do that before bed….like always.

Wash Your Pillow Cases

You put your face on it…overnight. Which means you shed skin and other things on it….every night. If you keep it clean your face will thank you. I promise.

Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean

The same deal as with your pillow case. You use it on your face and you want your face to stop freaking out. Keep those brushes clean and keep bacteria out of your pores.

Those are a few face solutions I’ve picked up over the last year. Those products listed are all relatively inexpensive because I am not rich and I pay loans soooooo I can’t afford to break the bank for good skin. I may do a product review on YouTube of them and some others that I use soon…if you’d like that, let me know! (It would be my first one).

Regardless of what kind of skin you’ve got its important to love your skin regardless. I was very frustrated with my skin this time last year, but I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere if I was hateful towards it. Love on your skin and it will love you back. 

What skin troubles do you run into this time of the year? Do you have any tried and true solutions for skin care? Also, for my potential product review, are there any products that you’re curious about that you’d like me to check out for you? Comment below!

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