4 months in…

Hey friends!

This post is a little different from my norm. It’s an open letter to the man I’m dating, today is a kind of special little day and as writers do I felt some type of way and needed to write about it. I wont be posting about us too often but I definitely wanted to share this piece of me with you guys. Enjoy.


It’s been about one year since I’ve met you…well technically since I first laid eyes on you.

We crossed paths this time last year, October. I can’t say what it was exactly that drew me to you, but drawn to you I was. My friends knew about you instantly…I asked around, hopeful that someone knew you…at that time, no one I asked knew who you were. You were a mystery to me, and everyone around me.

I ignored you for sometime, about…a month. Didn’t make any attempt to actually speak to you because I figured my interest would fade and I’d be able to carry on with my life…well, I was wrong.

Eventually we spoke and I knew I was in trouble…we shared similar passions. Your demeanor charmed me. Needless to say I was interested and you we’re…oblivious.

Months passed. I made many attempts at starting conversations….our facebook message history still makes me cringe….honestly it will always have that effect on me… I’ve never flirted well… and thankfully, but still to my frustration, you never seemed much into flirting.

The big day came, I set the stage for a conversation about a particular movie, and followed up with a DM (the modern-day love notes..? ANYWAYY). A date was set…but….wait…was it a date? We decided after the fact that it indeed was. A first date, at the drive-in. Followed up with an entire night of conversation, way into the early hours of the morning…clear signs of a successful adventure.

About 4 months ago we had a series of conversations discussing this, and us, and goals, and dreams and limitations and who we are as individuals and who we wanted to be as a couple and decided to give this a try.


Since then you’ve become my partner in crime (and by crime I mean ministry), my personal laugh track (even when the jokes are awful), my hand warmer, my muse, my shoulder to cry on, my biggest supporter, my comedic relief, my movie friend, my creative advisor and encourager, my dance partner and so much more. It’s only been 4 months, but to us and everyone around us it feels like more (especially since I’ve been stalking and invading your life for a year). So, thanks for being such a good sport when I was stalking your life, thanks for falling in love with me and thanks for making it so easy for me to do the same.



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