Hey Guys!

So sorry it has been so long between posts. It has been such a crazy crazy end of the month (April) and unfortunately, the crazy hasn’t stopped yet. My whole family got the flu, then when I was supposed to be traveling to Atlanta I ended up home with the stomach flu. After that we moved (YAY) and have been settling in to our new home. Moving homes is way more complex as an adult than as a child haha. Still exciting, just a bit more complicated. And to top it all off this past weekend I got into my first ever car accident and it was a biggie. My car is a total wreck and my brain and body are still trying to put the pieces together as I recover physically (I’m a little beat up, but nothing too crazy) but mainly emotionally.

This post isn’t about my accident tho, this post is about this woman I had the pleasure of celebrating a few days ago.

img_4859 The woman in the middle of my brother and I .

A few days ago was Mother’s Day, we have all seen posts from people celebrating moms of all kinds and defining what it means to be a mom either physically or spiritually.

We understand that moms are strong, but how strong? Two days ago this woman, my usually nervous (but always fierce) mother showed me a crazy amount of strength as she placed me in the driver seat of her car, handed me her keys and instructed me (gently) to drive home. What she was asking me to do was to drive on the same road, on the same highway and pass the exact spot where I crashed not 48hours before. She sat supportively as I did what she instructed. She supported me while my hands shook & while my breathing quickened. She supported me as I passed the spot of my accident and supported me when my emotions took over for a moment and I cried. That was scary for me, of course. But I can only imagine how terrifying that was for her. Regardless of her fear, she knew in her wisdom that that was a hurdle I needed to cross so I wouldn’t be crippled by fear, I needed a push so I could continue to grow and as difficult as it was going to be for the both of us she was gonna help me do just that. She was going to be that push I needed. That woman ladies and gentlemen is my mother, and I am ever so thankful for her. I’ve always been aware of her strength, but I’ve never seen it in such a capacity as in that one small moment. I pray to one day be half of the woman she is for my children, and I’m confident that with her help, I’ll be just that.

Stay Lovely,


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