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Featured Spaces: The Office

I love love love an organized workspace. It helps me to think and leaves my creative flow unhindered. I am not always the most organized individual, especially if you catch me right in the middle of a creative explosion or after a stressful work week. During the in-between moments however, I like to keep my workspace crisp, neat and inspiring. I don’t have a desk in my apartment so I use my desk at work as my creative canvas.

IMG_3753 So, how do I  keep my desk clutter free, inspiring and functional all at the same time? It’s actually not as hard as you’d think. Many people assume you need to sacrifice aesthetics for function and vice versa, but thats not the case. They can go hand in hand and do so beautifully.



I’m not one for named themes so you’ll never find me with a nautical styled bathroom or a cupcake themed kitchen. What you may find however is that I  do like to follow a color scheme. It makes my eyes happy. My desk theme is made up of hues of pink, gold, and white. There are other colors present of course, but those are the main ones you will find. Keeping the colors similar is my main way to keep my space unified.


Although unsuccessful at times, I  try to reduce clutter, especially paper clutter. I hate paper clutter, but thanks to my job, I live in it. Visually I  try to keep it away from my eyes. My folders and folder rack in the picture above do a great job at that. The Container next to it is actually something I    picked up at the clearance section at Target. It went with another decorative item on my desk but I  gave it a new job. I    think it works out pretty well. It holds my business cards, tape, chapstick and other little items. Most of the things on my desk are from target by the way. I love that place.


Little things can be cute and assist you with organization. These sticky notes are also from target and came in a bunch for under $3. This little dish, yes from the same place, is currently serving no purpose but decorative at this time. But because my desk is currently clutter free, it is allowed to call my workspace home without being an eye sore.  The cute little canister that holds my push pins is serving a very important purpose; he keeps those little things from adding clutter while simultaneously being an item of visual pleasure.


This is probably the most “cluttered” area of my desk, simply because its the container that holds all of my writing instruments and paper tools. But even while holding as much as it does, the fact that it is opaque and you can’t see exactly whats inside is definitely a visual win. That little object behind it that looks like a globe, its a tape dispenser! I would like to introduce you to my favorite desk purchase ever. I have been obsessed with globes since childhood. Ive never had one. When I first got my office and desk I really wanted to by one but couldn’t find a purpose for it, then I found this little dude.


You can’t tell from this picture, but this wall calendar is actually very very small. Which I     like. It doesn’t demand any attention and also doesn’t tempt me to fill it with every single event I have going on. I leave that for my planner.



There is a bookshelf in my office that my coworkers and I  use for storage. On the top levels tho are my favorite pieces in our shelf. (Do you see my little calendar, isn’t she cute) That little porcelain object is a wax warmer, it helps to make our office smell less like people and more like cinnamon sugar. I    have some lotions that I    use when I    forget at home (no ashy elbows here please), a mug, an Eyore (because reasons…), and some lovely art picked up over time from HomeGoods (notice they match the color scheme).


Any workspace, whether its an entire office, your kitchen table, your bedroom or your desk benefits from being neat and organized. It helps to keep your brain happy and hey, it might even change the way you personally feel about being in that space.

Spatial organization and interior decorating are just some of the things I enjoy very much and having an office space and a desk to use to see what works and what doesn’t has brought me so much joy. Organizing any space and giving the items within it a specific purpose will always make you feel better. You can do this with your bathroom, kitchen, basement even your laundry room can make you feel joy when organized correctly.

My family and I will be moving into a new house soon and as to be expected we are so excited. After my parents got divorced the rest of us moved into a little apartment and continued our lives. My bother and I finished university my mother picked up a second job and we all just found a routine that worked. We moved about 8 years worth of living in a large home into an apartment. It hasn’t always been the most comfortable of situations, but it worked and at the time it was what we needed. But now, now we are ready to embark on this next journey and I am ready to give purpose to a new space. I    can’t wait to take you all along while this new house becomes a home!

Stay Lovely,







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